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What Does Orthodontist Mean?

Orthodontist comes from two Greek words meaning straight and tooth, which is appropriate since orthodontists straighten teeth and correct misaligned jaws. Orthodontists study orthodontic treatment in a two to three-year residency program after completing dental school. The American Dental Association recognizes orthodontists as specialists in their field even though some dentists also offer basic orthodontic treatment.

If you’re searching for a reliable, experienced orthodontist in Cave Creek, please call our office to arrange a consultation. We welcome new patients.

Why Do Some People Get Braces?

Crooked teeth are the main culprit. They can be embarrassing, but there’s another reason besides aesthetics for an individual to get orthodontics. It’s hard to keep crooked teeth clean. This can lead to bad breath and plaque buildup, which can cause cavities. Some people even develop a speech impediment because their unevenly spaced teeth make it harder to pronounce certain sounds. People who have misaligned bites also seek orthodontic treatment to make it easier for them to chew, which aids their digestion. Naturally, many patients also look for the aesthetic benefit as well.

What Types of Braces Can I Choose From?

There are metal, ceramic and invisible options which are types of braces that utilize traditional brackets and wires. Metal is your most cost-effective option. Metal appliances look sleeker than they did in the past and they are also very effective.
We also offer clear aligner trays which you change every two weeks. They are a popular choice with adults who want to straighten their teeth discretely. If you contact our office and request a consultation, we can go over your options with you.

What Do Parents Need to Know About Their Kid’s Orthodontist Treatment?

Adolescents are usually less self-conscious about wearing a dental appliance than they are about having crooked teeth. They see celebrities wearing braces and they don’t see many celebrities with crooked teeth. Parents should know that getting braces today is nothing like when they were kids; dental appliances have drastically changed as well. Parents apprehension can influence how their kids view orthodontic treatment so mom or dad should bring up their concerns during the consultation.

The ideal age for most children to start orthodontic treatment is between eight and fourteen as they have most of their permanent teeth by this age. Most children worry about how they will look wearing a dental appliance while others are more concerned about possible pain. We assure our young patients that orthodontic treatment isn’t painful, but there will be some discomfort at first. Usually, an over-the-counter pain reliever is enough in the first few days to ease any discomfort. Parents can help by stocking up on soft foods which their child will need to eat the first two to three days after getting their dental appliance.

Kids also worry about how orthodontic treatment will impact their lives. There will be certain hard or sticky foods your child can’t eat, but nothing else will change except their oral hygiene routine. They can play sports, although they will need a mouthguard and they can still play musical instruments.

How Popular Are Adult Braces?

The American Association of Orthodontists suggests at least 25 percent of orthodontic patients are adults and the figure is rising every year. Professional adults see how an attractive smile is an important career asset. Adults actually see better results than teenagers as they are typically paying for the treatment themselves so they are highly motivated to follow their orthodontist’s instructions regarding their diet and oral hygiene. Adult treatment takes slightly longer, but most patients feel the results are worth the wait. If you want to know more about affordable braces in Cave Creek for adults, please contact our office.

Besides the cosmetic benefits, orthodontic treatment can provide numerous oral health benefits for adults, including improving gum health and tooth function.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Orthodontics may seem costly at first, but you want what’s best for yourself or a family member. Orthodontic treatment is an investment that offers better dental health and an improved appearance. Factors that affect your cost include the type of appliance desired and the extent of your problem since this determines the length of your treatment. Many dental insurance plans offer coverage for children’s orthodontic treatment, although coverage varies. Additionally, we have financing options.

Where Can I Go for Braces in Cave Creek

If you’re looking for an orthodontist near me, we urge you to call our office for a consultation. Our orthodontist in Cave Creek can evaluate your situation and let you know if you are a good candidate for orthodontic treatment.

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